Discussion on the Structure of this Forum

It appears Discourse doesn’t offer that and the makers feel threads are worse than a single stream-

It does have an icon in the upper right of replies telling you which person is being replied to.


I think it’s just something to get used to


It takes some getting used to but having the single thread is really nice and being able to tap the reply icon is pretty intuitive. Also I like the idea of lots of categories and then for daily browsing sorting the forum by latest


yeah that would be a nice way to use it and when you really wanna find something you can just go to that category and find it easier

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Hi all,

I’ve spent a few minutes creating a few subcategories under Selfhosted and moving existing topics into them, namely:

Let me know what you all think + if you have any more ideas for categories/subcategories. The one thing I am a little wary of is dividing a fairly small userbase too much, so I do want to err on the side of fewer, broader categories where possible. For anything more specific/granular, tags are probably a better approach.


Love the initial start. They’re self-explanatory and cover (what I think) are diverging interests. I don’t have a ton of interest in building a perfect rig, but there were plenty of others who do.