Experiences with todo services?

I’m looking for a self-hosted version of Todoist. So far, the closest I’ve found is Vikunja, but it’s not quite the same - the UX is (frankly) kinda terrible, and the task priorities are not as visible, neither is setting recurring tasks as convenient.

I also found Nextool, which looks like it is much better UX, but doesn’t quite have the same functionality - namely it looks to be missing priorities and recurring tasks.

Does anyone have any good recs for todo-list type services?


I host Nextcloud and use the Tasks plugin. I think it has all the features you need except recurring (no idea why it’s still not there yet). Beside that it works well. I use it with Tasks which allows recurring Todos but it isn’t exactly compatible with Nextcloud. It will recur on the apps, but if checked in nextcloud, it won’t recur anymore, so not really a good solution for recurring tasks.

I also use Logseq and sync with Nextcloud on all my devices. You can make TODO list and there’s plugins to get them all in a list and there’s a plugin that also add recurring TODOS. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a davx5 plugin that could sync it to other devices, so it would only be within Logseq. There’s also plugins for existing Todo app like Todoist.

I see, thanks. Recurring tasks are unfortunately my main use case and a big feature for me

Try https://plane.so but it’s primarily Kanban however also has a task-ish view. Lovely team of developers and a terrific UX.

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