Self-hosted RSS readers that can sync with an app

I’ve just been using an Android app (Feeder) for a while, but I want to replace it with something I can sync with another RSS reader on my server that I can use to read things on my other devices.

Effectively, what I want is to sync feeds and read and bookmarked/favourited statuses, but still be able to fetch new content in the app without connecting to the self-hosted reader. That way I don’t have to connect to my VPN to access new content when I’m away from home, which admittedly is a little lazy.

I know there’s at least FreshRSS and Tiny Tiny RSS, but it looks like there’s multiple apps for each and besides I’m sure there’s many more self-hosted readers too, so I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience setting anything like this up, and which server + app reader combo you’d settled on?


I believe tiny tiny rss has an official app that you can link back to your ttrss instance.

Edit: Tiny Tiny RSS / Tiny Tiny RSS for Android · GitLab
it does. Recent update released a few weeks ago. So seems to be up-kept.


It might not fit your use-case exactly as I think you would like an Android app but my setup works for iOS.

I use Miniflux for the RSS Feeds. Miniflux supports Google Reader APIs that can be consumed by a lot of clients.

On my phone and laptop I’m using the amazing Reeder 5 app that can download the entire feed locally for offline reading. The read/unread status and star gets synced automatically as well.

Maybe there are Android apps as well that support Google Reader APIs that you can explore. Additionally Miniflux also supports Fever APIs if you can find a client for that.


I have just setup FreshRSS and Feedme (Android app), works alright for my use case.


Whoa! A nice looking RSS reading app that has a reasonable cost and no recurring subscription fee? I thought I was going to lose my mind when I kept reading recommendations for Inoreader and Feedly and all these others that want you to shell out upwards of $10 a month for forever.

Yeah a breath of fresh air honestly.

I use FreshRSS, it’s own UI is a very dated but it works well and I rarely have to access its .

I looked into Miniflux but there was no way to import my current unread posts (which FreshRSS exports) instead Miniflux would import only the feeds and you’d have to start again from whatever is currently in those feeds. I have a ton of unread stuff that I’m getting through so Miniflux was a no go for me.

App wise I’m on iOS/macOS and use ReadKit (and sometimes Reeder).

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NetNewsWire is a great, free, iOS app. I found that most iOS RSS apps were unusable without IAP / purchase. Didn’t have this trouble with NetNewsWire.

I combine it with FreshRSS but I mostly read offline, the self-hosted web app isn’t important to me. It’s just a backend.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this workflow, as I think most client apps would want to connect to the backend to sync on the latest fetched articles.

Personally, I’ve got FreshRSS and have it accessible over a Tailscale VPN. Then my iOS RSS reader clients can pull and sync with that backend. As for which client, there are a lot of options out there for iOS (and I’m sure Android as well). You’ll just want to trial them and choose something that fits your needs. NetNewsWire was already mentioned, so I’ll mention lire and Reeder.