What do you use to monitor your server?

What software do you use? Grafana or similar? Do you use prometheus exporters?
What metrics do you monitor? Memory, CPU, network activity and disk space?
Do you have alerts set up? via email, telegram, etc?


I’ve been very happy with glances, Glances - An Eye on your system. Its simple to set up and it works well embedded as an iframe in my Homarr dashboard.


I hate maintenance and have zero time to baby things, so I setup Uptime Kuma and if I ever decide to use a new piece of software for more than a week, I add it to the Kuma’s HTTP monitoring list. It’s setup to notify me (I use ntfy but there’s a ton of options) if things are down / unreachable, which is the only thing I care about.

I probably should have disk space monitoring too, just in case logs go wild… hrm…


I use Netdata, it literally has everything.
It automatically detects services running on your server, like Docker, lm-sensors, nginx, even minecraft servers and shows you a million graphs for them.
They do push their stupid cloud service a lot though.


I was just doing research on this very problem.

Appreciate the suggestions! A buddy of mine is keen on Elastic.

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I have a Promethius/Grafana setup in Docker to monitor CPU, CPU temp, disk space, memory, uptime, and top services using CPU/Memory.

It’s overcomplicated and a bit buggy though (loses storage info on reboot for some reason), so I’d love to try something else.

Unrelated, but Homarr looks super great. I might give it a try!

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Those seem really nice, I will try Homarr out since I’ve been looking into making some kind of custom home page.

I tried it out and I love it, thanks a lot for the recommmendation. Super easy to set up, the only thing that I would love to have is the ability to create custom checks for some services using python or js, but other than that it’s perfect.

Also tried this out, it definitely has a LOT of stuff and the fact that you can just run it and forget about it is pretty nice. It is ready to go out of the box. People that are very experienced with Grafana might just create their own dashboard for resource monitoring, but that’s not my case lol

How does he use it exactly? I’ve heard of Elastic multiple times but never got to experiment with it

Make sure the Grafana docker container is properly configured with a persistent volume, also check the same for prometheus, the info might be written to the container as tempfiles and lost on restart.


lmao are you me? this my exact setup and work flow.

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