What NAS hard drive should I buy in 2023?

On the LTT forum there is a tier list for consumer power supplies that is very helpful.

I need to buy a ~£100 NAS drive and I want to avoid WD following their SMR and 3-year S.M.A.R.T warning shenanigans.

Is there anything I need to know about Seagate Ironwolf or Exos drives?

Apologies for the title, it’ll help with the SEO for people with a similar question


I have been using Ironwolf drives for about 5 years. No problems so far. I can hear them spin up which is always a blast from the past.

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Is there a problem with WD red drives?

SMR is less than ideal if you do more than a few writes. SMR drives have to re-write a full track if data is written in that track. So, if you were copying linux ISOs there would be lots of extra writes because of the shingle layout of the drive.