What self-hosted todo software do you recommend?

I’m looking for a tool that has todo lists, as simple as it sounds, with some simple syncing support. WebDAV is more than enough. A widget on Android would be great, which makes it easy to see what I have to do during medium term. Once something is done, I check it on the list and it syncs.

What do you use for that?

Unsure if this has a widget but you can look at https://vikunja.io. The app is still in development but can grabbed from their downloads page.

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I use the Tasks.org app on Android and it works pretty well for my use, and it has a nice widget. The app is open source and completely free if you download it from F-Droid. It supports many syncing options including CalDAV, so you can use any backend you like.

I would second tasks.org. It syncs (for me) well with NextCloud, has great flexible widgets and is extremely customisable.

Thank you, guys. I’m gonna try it out.

I never found anything simple enough so i paid a guy on fiverr to create it for me…

A simple php based list of stuff with a note, a way to mark it as in progress and a delete button.



I’ve experimented with multiple such tools and let me tell you something. There are downsides to using such tools that I’ve even went back to using pen and paper after having built my own.

Although NOT a direct solution per se, you might want to look into nocodb with a simple sqlite database, it has a kanban board and has API’s which you can use

Hi @d4nm3d

Thanks for linking to the code. Make sure you run that code only in a secure environment, as it looks susceptible to XSS attacks. Not sure when it was written, but XSS attacks are something from 2 decades ago :open_mouth:


Thanks for the heads up… I don’t know what XSS attacks are but i’ll go have a look.

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