When to switch from VPS to dedicated/baremetal servers?

I’ve been looking at selfhosting some apps for a while (code forge, image host, websites, other Cloud projects) with a clear “I want to run it on a dedicated server” mindset. Although, for most stuff I should be absolutely fine with a VPS.

With that realisation on my mind, what is considered your “tipping point” to transition from VPS to dedicated?

Looking at the comparison, storage is one of the biggest points making me consider going dedicated over VPS, as power (nor probably memory) isn’t my first concern.

I have multiple ThinClients that could work in a cluster, but I chose to use an ex Dell Workstation with a Xeon CPU and low powered dedicated GPU.
I rent a VPS for ~15€ a year that acts as my Gateway and Healthcheck from outside to both internal and external services/infrastructure
If i held 14TB of space somewhere, I’d be paying how much? I barely pay 10€ a month with no usage, just for the privilege, if i use it extensively, the power bill goes higher.

Maybe a hybrid setup like this would work for you aswell?
You could very well just serve your storage from a decent NAS from your home to your VPS/Linode/AWS/cloud services and try to only pay when each service gets used, then shift the more expensive load to your NAS (if it’s capable hardware for smth like jellyfin, like Synology/QNAP/ProxMox :wink: )

The tipping point for me was that I wanted to learn how it works, not how the different vendors chose to implement their solution. For me, hosting my stuff in smth like Linode smells somewhat fishy, other than the Ressource management = cost stuff. I just ‘gave up’ with somebodies else cloud and chose to build my own homelab, downsizing everything to a VPS at OVH and E-Mail at Migadu, 25€ a Year total and using my own power and build up redundancies.

So far, few hiccups, no resets, even swapping all my VMs from the Cluster (Stitch, Nani and Lilo) to the Workstation (Tank) with 1GB connectivity to my home network and the same uploadspeed as the vps has download speed.