You should change the name away from the "r/" nomenclayture, it's completely ruining your SEO

Searching r/SelfHosted just brings up reddit, and rightly so.

Even adding ‘discourse’ helps not.

Discourse has good SEO, so if you just find call it ‘SelfHosted Forum’ and get rid of the ‘r’, or find another name altogether, it’ll do wonders for the site.

Personally I think something like “SeHost: The SelfHosted Forum” would be good, the Se works as an abbreviation of ‘self’ but also the Latin (and romance languages) ‘se’, which means self.


A lemmy instance with 7 users on it has better SEO than here, sadly, when looking for Self Hosted Forum.

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I like the idea of a name change, for what it’s worth.


If this would bring more users, we should embrace it.


I agree. SEO is something we have to handle.

I’m open to suggestions.

“Community Formerly Known as /r/selfhosted On Discourse”?

Maybe “The Prodigal Server”?

Or, “not /r/selfhosted”

I like the idea of a name change, especially considering the differences. I’d love to hear options.

Like this comment to vote for SeHost: The SelfHosted Forum


I would suggest something that is sufficiently different from the “r selfhosted” approach to naming because it all links back to reddit. For example, searching r-selfhosted sends me to reddit. I know we already have the domain name, but the combination of (“r”, “selfhosted”) is pretty much a direct link to reddit.

mehosted, myhomeserver, screw_it_ill_host_it_myself, something that conveys the same meaning behind selfhosted, but without selfhosted.

“Nerd Hosting” “selfhosting forum” or simply, we use the phrases reversed, “host self”.

Ok, I curated a list of generated names that I thought had a good hook.

HostTheHome: Where Self-Hosting Finds a Home (My personal favorite.)
HomeServer HubBub: Where Hosting Enthusiasts Unite
SelfServe Central: Serving up Home Server Insights
HomeNet HQ: Where Self-Hosting Enthusiasts Gather
HostHaven Homestead: Cultivating Self-Hosting Know-How

I do like SeHost as well :slight_smile:

I’m just going to say this again, this forum is currently unfindable.

Rename it to anything, but it really really really really needs to be renamed.


No progress here in a while. Is this forum still being maintained?

I’d much rather use a forum than Reddit (or Lemmy, even), but I agree with the sentiment here – the general lack of activity is deterring, and SEO would definitely help.

What about…

  • Host-It-Yourself
  • Host At Home
  • AntiCloud
  • Local Cloud
  • CloudAtHome

Or honestly just “Self-Hosting Forum.” I dunno, just spitballing.

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I like all of these. Here are my suggestions.

  • Go Selfhost
  • Go Host Yourself
  • Host Yourself
  • Hosting Yourself
  • Get the Host Out
  • DIY Host
  • DIY Hosting
  • DIT Hosted