Interested in Volunteering here?

We are seeking volunteers! If you’d like to help us moderate here, following all the same rules as had before on the /r/selfhosted subreddit this community spawned from, we welcome your interest!

Let us know as a comment here. Anyone will be considered. Thanks!

DM Me or reply here for interest.

edit It’s heartwarming to see less than 10 minutes after announcing the discourse server, we already have a good handful of folks willing to contribute. Please, continue to share interest, and even if we can’t immediately respond to your interest, all who express interest will be addressed, as best as we can.



I’m interested in helping out.

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I was mostly a lurker at the subreddit to be honest but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help :smiley:
I am interested

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@kmisterk I have sent you a dm

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I’d volunteer to help out.

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I have an interest in assisting, I have a ton of forum experience (both as a developer for one, and running them). And I quite liked selfhosted on reddit. Hopefully this forum can be just as awesome.


I may be helpful from time to time

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I’m also interested in volunteering!

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Hi! Always loved r/selfhosted. Would be a pleasure to support .

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Would be happy to help! I’m active in other discourse communities and have really grown. To love the platform and folks that stay active in them.

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I am in volunteering. Let me know!

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Hey, I’d be happy to help! Specially with the more technical aspect of things

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Am a lurker on the subreddit and gained a lot of useful knowledge from there. Would love to assist when possible.

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Been a long time lurker, sometimes a commenter. I would be interested in helping out in any way possible. This place has educated me, only fair I help out in anyway possible.

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I’d also be interested in helping out where possible. I’ve been watching the selfhosted sub-reddit for a while, but hadn’t commented yet. Was great seeing a community of people talk about interesting stuff with self-hosting, and looking forward to seeing this grow.

Willing to volunteer to help knock down the spam as needed. Looks like everyone is willing, that’s good!!

I’d love to know how I can help

Count me in if additional hands needed.

Would love to help out in any way I can. I’ve learnt a lot of new things from this community and would love to contribute in keeping it humming along nicely :slight_smile:

I’d volunteer to help out since i have learned so much from the community and love the idea of it.

Reason i’d like to volunteer is that i’m also as many other people are a long time lurker and wanna help the community